Adoption/ Foster

Please keep in mind our greyhounds are all housed inside in kennels to keep them from the elements. They feel the cold ( they wear rugs in winter) so will need shelter to sleep in.
Please keep in mind that greyhounds prefer company (human or animal) as they are usually from kennels with multiple dogs around. Placement of Greys living outside on their own will not be considered.
Please talk to your agent before applying for a dog. Most agents will not allow a dog as large as a greyhound in a rental property
Due to the size of our greyhounds, we are unable to place a dog in a unit. Sorry
Be honest. We actually have dogs to suit every category and we want to ensure the right dog with the right lifestyle.
I agree that I have been honest and truthful in my application. By applying to adopt a greyhound from Shoalhaven Greyhounds as Pets (SGAP) I agree that if successful, that the dog will be placed on a 2 week trial first. After the 2 week trial the dog can be formally adopted only by mutual agreement between the owner and adoptee. The applicant also understands that it is the law that the dog must be muzzled in public unless is has been greenhound accredited. The applicant also agrees that should the dog ever need rehoming in the future that SGAP be contacted first and MUST be offered the dog back at no cost to re-home the dog. If this situation arises the applicant agrees to provide a full written history including vet incidents of the dog's duration with them.