cropped-20151214-IMG_9222.jpgPhotography at our track is by On The Ball Photography.
Please visit their site for pricing and ordering.
Images are kept for 6 weeks

Upcoming Race information and box draws

Current track records
365m   20.24 Hesa Felon (11/5/09)
520m   29.50 Aphorism    (5/10/15)
630m   36.15 Smart Betsy  (11/5/09)
722m   42.35 Saffron Bond (1/6/11)

Sectional Records
365m 1st Section 8.34 Jump The Gun (8/6/15)
520m 1st Section 4.26 Stilton Blue (17/03/14)
520m 2nd Section 16.67 Fantastic Spiral (13/4/15
630m 1st Section Edie Beauchamp 10.13 (20/03/06)
630m 2nd Section Edie Beauchamp 23.06 (20/03/06)

Race Dates

Monday 10th April 2017
Monday 17th April 2017 – Puppy classic heats
Monday 24th April 2017 – Puppy Classic final

More Information 

Trial Times
Trials Wednesday Morning (7.30am to 8.30 + Booked Arm Trials)
Friday Night (7.00pm till finish + booked Arm Trials)
Sunday Mornings** (8.00am to 9.00am + booked Arm Trials)
**Except 4th Sunday Of the Month – MARKET DAY.**Sunday night trials 6.00pm

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