Dog placement form – registered trainers only

This form is for owners/trainers to place dogs into our adoption program. By doing so the dog must be a current registered dog with GRNSW and you agree to be truthful and honest in your application. You also agree to keep the dog with you until such time that the dog has found a home and will assist the dog to transition from kennels to homes. You also agree to be the contact point for the adoptive family after the dog is adopted and be involved in the rehoming process.

Please ensure you have permission to list the dog for adoption
Please be as honest as possible.
If not tested with little dogs then just say.
Family, family with teens only ie dog will knock over small children, Couple no kids, retired couple
Some of the questions we have had from adopters are as follows. Can the dog be an only dog, Does the dog bark, We have kangaroos over the fence so will they jump the fence. Can the dog live outside? on its own? We are getting more crazy questions every day so the more you can offer us the better the chances of the right home.
heads shots of the dogs happy are always good. Long distance body shots are not ideal. Everyday living image are great to accompany a head shot. A good headshot is vital to encourage people to read about the dog. If you are stuck message Natalie at to see when she is in the area to take one for you.