Club History

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The Shoalhaven Greyhound Racing Club commenced racing on the 30th Of January 1976 after the area nurtured a number of leading greyhounds in the area since the 1930’s. ( There have also been reports of greyhound coursing taking place in the Shoalhaven in the early 1900’s. Until this time, local trainers were having to travel hundreds of kilometres (miles) per week to race their greyhounds, even if it meant that the trainers would pool their petrol coupons in time of rationing so as it race their beloved animals. The inaugural Members meeting of the Club was on the 30th of July, 1971, where approximately 60 people were in attendance and the Club founded.

In September 1973, the Shoalhaven City Council granted the Club a $20,000 loan for the construction of an amenities and kennelling block. Volunteers within the club devoted many hours in assisting with the development of the Club’s facilities. the acquisition of a racing licence took a number of years as licences were keenly sought by a number of areas within New South Wales.

The first race meeting was a therefore huge success and a deserved reward for the Committee and Members who strived to achieve their goal of a local greyhound track. The cost of admittance was $2 with a form guide available for 20 cents while 10 bookmakers fielded on the day with another 10 on the reserve list.
Development of the Club was continued in a similar vein with volunteer labour and race day staffing. Racing was conducted primarily on Friday or Saturday evenings. in 1988 the Club commenced racing on Tuesday evenings with Tab Coverage (with Non-Tab Funding).

In July 1988 the Club was granted a $160,000 commercial loan from the Shoalhaven City Council for the development of an all-weather loam racing surface. the Club contributed another $28,000 for additional construction costs and associated equipment and the development was completed in October 1998. A move that put substantial strain on the Club’s finances but was viewed as being a “Step into the future”. The club needed to compete with and survive against Provincial TAB Racing Clubs. (That council loan has since been funded by GIDF by the way of $100,000 IFIL and $39,000 interest free loan repayments are $500.00 per month).

The development of the new track in October 1998 coincided with the Club volunteering to move its racing time to the Monday twilight period and also become a full TAB club. The combination of SKY racing, Sky Channel, 2KY Radio and TAB coverage has allowed this period to become immensely popular with the wagering public. Off-course turnover increased by a substantial amount on the Nowra Twilight Greyhound Meetings.

The impact of the change with on-course patronage was down initially affecting bar and catering profits but this has been improved on and prospect of the future improvement is good with a marketing plan that can encourage extra on-course patronage. The progress of increasing the on-course patronage is by way of community involvement. it is improving all the time with a number of sporting and social associations attending our meetings. major marketing of our special events in peak racing times will commence in the next 12 months with much appreciated assistance from GRNSW.

 Current Life Members.
Terry Raftery 2003
Ross Ivers 2004
Glenn Summerfield 2005
Glenn Midson 2008
Owen Makin 2009
Garry Edwards 2011
Karen Midson 2011
Anthony McDonald 2012
Colin Williams 2015

With the instigation of Club Operating Standards and Guidelines. A Code of Conduct for Directors has been adopted among many other Corporate Governance under the appropriate laws and regulations.